Work Assessments

What is a Work Assessment?

AEC, a service provider for The Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation and THEME Project through Stark State College provides job training and placement services for persons in vocational transition. Through contracting with BVR and THEME, we are able to offer some unique programming incentives and opportunities for both employers and potential employees who have been referred for out services.

One of the programs we offer is a Community-Based Work Assessment. This program is used to assess a client’s ability to work in a competitive environment as well as to determine if that particular line of work is suitable to both their interests and abilities.

During the work assessment period, the cooperating company enters into no financial risk and does not pay our client’s wages and/or cover them under Worker’s Compensation Insurance. In addition to the wages and insurance being covered, a professional Job Coach will be assigned to provide the necessary training and supervision to our client, so he/she may be productive during the time of the work assessment.

A Community-Based Work Assessment can vary in length, depending on the needs of the client. Either party may at any time terminate the work assessment if it is determined that such a setting is not appropriate for the client.

This program is designed at no cost to your company. There is no obligation or expectation that you will hire our client at the end of his/her work assessment, however you may find this person to have become an asset to your company and in that case, we would certainly encourage you look at them for permanent employment.

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